I grew up on the move, living in 8 different states before ultimately settling in San Francisco in 2016. Growing up I quickly learned to be adaptable. Rather than fearing the unknown, I became curious. Although incredibly difficult at times, this upbringing instilled in me the importance of actively putting myself in new and uncomfortable situations in order to grow and develop. I apply this philosophy to my life as well as my photography. Photography to me is not necessarily about getting "the shot," but rather is an experienced art form that drives me to put myself in new and vulnerable situations. Photography motivates me to keep an open mind, change my perspective, and explore. I encourage everyone to find what inspires you to get outside yourself. Stay active. Stay curious.

-Seth Parker

Gear List:

CAMERA: Sony A7RIII | Sony a6000

LENS: 24-70mm f2.816-50mm f3.5 | 50mm f1.8

TRIPOD: TYCKA 55” Compact Travel Tripod

CASE: Peak Design Camera Cube

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